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The Full Story

CollabHub started from the number 5 or $5 to be exact. The price of an Average Cost per Outbound click in BFCM 2022.
This was the moment we understood there is a need for an acquisition channel that leverages the power of the oppressed (the brands)  and not the oppressors (Social networks and Search engines).

We teamed up, Marketing, E-Commerce Operations & technology to bring you CollabHub.
An AI brand partnership network devoted to lower brands CAC & beat Email Fatigue. 

Digital Network


D2C brands are stuck in limbo. On the one hand, we lose money on new customers
& on the other Email Fatigue makes it harder to recoup it.

Our mission is to break this cycle by creating an easy & legal way for complementary brands to share customers. 
By doing so we hope to become a significant player in the Acquisition market.


In 15 years partnership marketing will become the main channel for brands.
Our vision is to make collaboration accessible & scalable for all brands from 6 to 12 figures today.

Make our vision come true and join our roster of amazing D2C brands.

Fists in Solidarity

Meet the Team

Together our team brings years of e-commerce experience from all angles, marketing, operations, technology & impulsive buying.

We are friends and entrepreneurs at heart, devoted to solving problems we face for us and others

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