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3 reasons Co Marketing will become your biggest acquisition channel

Like the story of Sisyphus in Greek mythology punished by Zeus to roll a rock uphill for eternity, we the Ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers are kept in the ever ending journey to grow our business in the face of the worst punishment of all - a huge increase in marketing costs.

High acquisition costs

But like a wise man once said - “ A smart man finds a solution to a problem a clever man will never encounter” , we marketers need to find other ways to acquire customers at scale without the big Paid channels ( Meta , Google & Tiktok) One of the emerging acquisition channels is CO-Marketing. A new way to acquire customers by letting value aligned non competing brands to promote each other to their customers.

Here are the 4 reasons Co Marketing will become your biggest acquisition channel in the next 3 years -

3 reasons why Co- Marketing is the biggest channel

1. Cheaper - Paid Marketing in a nutshell is working in a system where both parties have opposite interests. Co- Marketing solves that by giving you the option to collaborate with other non competing brands who share both your target audience and the hardships you are facing. By leveraging each other's budgets and clients you are getting twice the exposure for the same price.

2. Better targeting - In the last 1.5 years Meta has taken down around 75% of targeting interest. It’s the same with other platforms like Google Ads that have made the search term section useless. In the world of GDPR and IOS14 the only one who can choose your target audience is the Holy Algorithm. CO-Marketing lets you take control of your targeting by choosing the brands you want to collaborate with based on the costumer you want to get in the end thus helping you acquire clients with a higher spending potential.

3. Faster - Despite being potentially the best acquisition channel ever invented, Co- Marketing has never really taken off. As of now a collaboration between two brands is a tedious process that can take weeks of emails & zoom calls that nobody wants or needs. Luckily is being developed as we speak to tackle this problem & make Co Marketing into a scalable growth channel for your brand.

Profit - Every marketing channel on the planet including the amazing CO- Marketing platform being developed right now are focused only on revenue. CollabHub was built focusing on your bottom line. By using only email marketing , your existing client and our unique offer model we have the ability to help you grow fast and profitable.

In conclusion Ecommerce marketing as we know it is going to change in the next few years. Start implementing those new channels today and be miles ahead of your competition.

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raz tsfaty
raz tsfaty
Jul 30, 2023

Finding a partner is a huge hade ache, centralizing and automating this process is an interesting approach.

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