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Co-Marketing Redesigned

There Is No I In Scale

The number of brands bidding on each impression has grown by more than 350% over the past 3 years.
Advertising channels profit from our competition
why not work together?

Acquire clients with 80% lower CAC through cross-promotion with non-competing brands.

Increase email list engagement by promoting a value-aligned pre-vetted brand

Explore AI-Driven Email Brand Partnerships!

If content is king then your email list is the emperor of the galaxy. Email marketing is the brand's best marketing channel, known to bring 70-75% of your profit with almost $0 spend.

Combining the power of Collaboration with all the possibilities of email marketing we developed the first scalable acquisition channel that focuses on your profit rather than just sales & revenue.

Your Most Profitable Marketing Channel

 Discover why CollabHub's brand collaborations will soon become your CMO's best friend


Improve Targeting

Take the IOS 14 and GDPR blindfolds out of your acquisition process.

Choose the clients you need by collaborating with the right partner for your business, who shares your values and target audience.

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Reduce CAC

Combining the cost-effectiveness of email marketing with the ability to increase your exposure will help your brand significantly reduce CAC and acquire more clients for the same budget


Improve Engagment

Around 70% of your email list hasn’t engaged with you this month.
Our brand partnership is here to help you increase engagement with them, lowering both Churn rate & Email fatigue

1. Tell us about your brand

CO-Marketing campaigns succussed when brands CLICK.
To find you the best match we first need to understand who you are!
No worries - Our technology does all the heavy lifting and takes most of the data from Shopify, but we are still looking to learn more about your values and goals.
All that is left for you is to:
Join for free, complete our form, and CLICK.

Brand Collaboration Simplified

2. Find The Right Match

CO-Marketing can be difficult. Finding the right match manually can take weeks of never-ending Zoom calls and emails.

That is where we come into play. Becoming part of the CollabHub network will allow our technology to find the right like-minded brands for a successful collab within minutes.

3. Launch Campaign

Collaboration is an "All over the place" job when there are no structured guidelines.
our solution is a short straightforward workflow, encompassing the campaign needs, keeping you updated on progress, and presenting key metrics all within the App.

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